Why Is Hand Sewing An Important Skill To Learn?

why hand sewing is important life skill

As a basic life skill, hand sewing can be beneficial for both practical and health reasons. Yep, believe it or not, hand sewing is actually good for you. This very doable skill can help make you a more confident, self-sufficient human being who is doing what they can to contribute to the preservation of both a personal budget and a favorite garment.


Why Is Hand Sewing an Important Skill to Learn?

I suppose the easiest and most obvious short answer is that everyone wears clothes, clothes cost money, and so it’s worth your while to try to help them last as long as possible. That’s just good sense.

Of course, that’s really only one reason to learn to sew. Here are ten more.

1. Sewing is a green skill.

There is a lot of waste in the clothing industry overall. We regularly depend on cheap labor, where waste is often not addressed, to produce the vast majority of our clothing. Not to mention that the production of some fabrics produces a host of chemical byproducts. You can lessen your personal eco-footprint by buying fewer clothes and increasing their usable lifetime.

When, after just a few wearings or washing, you find loose threads or seams or a button falls off, basic hand sewing skills keep the issue from becoming a real problem. Your sewing kit is your key to keeping your own wardrobe in top condition. By making timely repairs, you help your clothing to last longer. So you will make a positive impact on your budget as well as the local landfill.

2. Increases your shopping flexibility.

How many times, while shopping, have you tried on an article of clothing that looked great on the hanger, only to be really disappointed when it just didn’t quite fit right. A little too big in one place while it fit fine other places, the hem seemed uneven, or the spaghetti straps were too long.

With basic hand sewing skills, all of these simple tailoring issues can be addressed at home. Your tailoring abilities can be especially useful if you have growing children. being able to take in seams, take up hems and then let them out later can keep your child wearing their favorite shirt, dress, or pants longer. And he or she will know what an awesome parent you are.

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3. Creative outlet.

Hand sewing can be a fun, and even daring, way to step outside your comfort zone. Adding your own flair to store-bought pieces makes them uniquely your own, showcasing your personality to friends and coworkers.

Some embellishments can also make your garment appear more high-end than it actually is, making you the fashion modiste of your own closet. Just flip through your favorite fashion magazine and let your imagination, needle, and thread fly.

4. Customized gifts.

A simple piece of cloth can become a customized scarf. A simple, store-bought handbag can be embellished for the enjoyment of a friend or child. Many easy, free gift ideas can be found on popular websites, or books of simple project ideas are available in fabric and crafts stores or online.

Nobody knows your BFF like you do, and the perfect hand-crafted gift can become a keepsake that will be cherished for years to come.

5. Confidence booster.

Obviously, all this hand-sewn practicality and creativity can help you tap into a more positive self-image. Here is something you can do, and do well, for both yourself and others. When it seems like you’ve made enough mistakes for the day, taking some time to do a bit of sewing can help restore your equilibrium and sense of productivity.

6. Great indoor activity for kids.

My own mom started teaching me to sew when I was nine years old. The result has been a lifetime of enjoyment and learning.

Many kids love hands-on projects that will allow them some creative license and produce enduring results. For some, it’s just a huge deal to be trusted with the scissors! Working together on simple sewing projects can be a great way to strengthen relationships, increase communication skills, and build self-esteem.

That said, always monitor children when they’re using sharp implements. Using materials that can be sewn with a blunt needle may be a good place to start. And you can give whatever assistance seems necessary for cutting pieces.

Making a pillow, sewing a simple doll dress, or making their own scarf or fleece throw can help fill indoor time with something other than TV and video games. And you’ll be introducing them to a skill that will be useful for everyday life.

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7. Improve hand-eye coordination.

Besides the creativity and practicality of learning to sew, studies have shown that these types of skillsets have a host of health benefits. Probably one of the most obvious for hand sewing is an opportunity to increase your own or a child’s hand-eye coordination, manual dexterity, and motor skills.

This can be an advantage at any age. Older adults can also help combat the effects of arthritis and other joint issues by sewing. This activity helps maintain overall coordination for an enduring active lifestyle.

8. Stress relief.

Once learned, sewing can be relaxing. Sitting down with a basket of minor repairs or an easy hand-stitched project, or learning a simple embroidery stitch for embellishment, can be an enjoyable pastime while listening to an audiobook or music. Small projects can be enjoyed while traveling or in a waiting room.

Studies have shown that concentrating on a repetitive task, such as sewing an edge or seam, can calm thoughts and soothe mental agitation. Diverting thoughts from worrisome issues can help you to think more clearly when you need to.

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9. Improves brain function.

Every new skill you learn stimulates the growth of new neuro-pathways. As you allow your creativity to flow through sewing projects, you promote the growth of new brain cells. It may also help to keep neuro connections stable, resulting in a sharper mind as you age.

10. Improved mood.

The sense of accomplishment derived from finishing a necessary or creative task can release the feel-good chemical dopamine in the brain. This reaction can help give you a more positive outlook on life.

Yes, learning a simple skill like hand sewing can actually help make you happy. That’s a win-win for both yourself and your family. Sewing, like any hobby, gives an emotional and mental boost, as well as a means of escape, from the daily stresses we must all learn to live with. The benefits of hand sewing are surprising and many. It’s definitely a skill set worth diving into.

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