25 Things You Can Make With Only 2 Yards of Fabric

Just a heads up. This could become a very long article. There are hundreds of projects requiring 2 yards or less of almost any type of fabric. Because the possibilities are so tremendous, I have decided to mention a few categories to spark your imagination and let you take it from there.

Things To Consider

There are some initial considerations. One limiting factor is the width of the fabric. The U.S. manufactures its own fabric as well as importing material from all over the world. So there are a wide variety of widths available in most fabric outlets.

Size of Fabric

The most common are 36 inches, 45/46 inches, and 58/60 inches. The wider the fabric, the more options are available for sewing projects.

Weight or Thickness

The second most common factor for consideration is weight or thickness. Light fabrics can be used for a greater range of summer clothing, which requires less square footage. Heavier fabrics can be used for a narrower range of apparel, depending on the width. 


I will also mention stretchiness as a determining factor. A knit polyester may simply have too much give for some projects. Nevertheless, I always keep a few yards of this type of fabric on hand for unusual fixes. 

For example, I once found some adorable knitted Christmas stockings in enough patterns for each family member to have their own. But I soon found some stocking stuffers would poke through. So I used a stretchy off-white polyester to line the stockings. It was the perfect solution and has lasted for many years.

What Can Make With Only 2 Yards of Fabric?

So how can you use your two yards of fabric? Here are some suggestions to get you going. Patterns for any of these suggestions are available online or at your local fabric store.


Clothing is a broad category encompassing many age groups and genres of attire. When considering using two yards of material, here are some fairly simple projects.

Child Clothing

make children clothing with 2 yards of fabric
  • Pillowcase-style dress: This classic pattern remains popular for little girls 2-6 years old. Two yards can make more than one dress for young siblings to enjoy. Look at different pattern variations for your perfect creation. Add a decorative pocket or accessories as desired.
  • Shorts/pants: Elastic-topped shorts or pants are a breeze for little ones, and patterns are abundant. If the fabric has a large design on it, cut out and appliqué it to a t-shirt. Voila–you have a set!
  • Tops: Almost any young child’s top can be made with two yards of fabric. T-shirts are especially simple with stretch cotton blends.
  • Hats: Floppy hats are another easy children’s project and can be helpful for summer outings in the sun.
  • Jackets: Two yards of heavy fabric, especially if it’s fleece, will make an easy jacket for young children. 

Adult Clothing

what to make with 2 yards of material
  • T-Shirts: Many adult-sized T-shirts require very little material.
  • Simple dresses: Summer dresses are easy to make and easy on the fabric budget. This includes bow-back or sleeveless straight-lined styles. 
  • Skirts: Two yards of fabric can make a full-length skirt for some. Short skirts are most definitely in the running for almost anyone, from a vintage pencil to gathered patterns depending on the individual and the width of the material. 
  • Tops: All kinds of simple tops can be made with relatively little time or fabric. Online top instructions and video tutorials are available to help you style your own top in record time.

Depending on the fabric type and width, long sleeve tops are not out of the question. Stretchy sports fabrics are suitable for either long or short sleeve versions of simple patterns.

  • Bottoms: Shorts or capris often take less than two yards of fabric and are almost as easy as skirts to make. Some simple full-length pants can also be made with a relatively small amount of fabric.

If the material is stretchy, make stylish palazzo pants or leggings, using your own clothing as a pattern. Flannel or light fleece makes easy, elastic-top pajama bottoms. One year I was given many pieces and designs of flannel remnants from a life-long sewer. Everyone got pajama bottoms for Christmas. My grown sons loved them! 

Fashion and Winter Accessories

make knitted hats with only 2 yards of fabric

Two yards of fabric produces endless accessory items. If you’re sewing for children, young siblings often enjoy matching hairbands, bows, or ribbons. Two yards of pretty 36-inch fabric make two triangular shawls–one for me and my BFF. Add some fringe to the edge for extra pop.

 Matching his and her aprons are fun for the couple who loves to cook together. I had about two yards of plain blue and two yards of a patriotic pattern. I made myself and my husband aprons with reversed colors; blue with patriotic pocket and straps and patriotic with blue pocket and straps. They’re great for our traditional Fourth of July family barbeque.

Two yards of fabric can make a surprising number of scarves. I buy fleece in two-yard increments to make hats and scarves for a children’s charity. I can get about four scarves and three hats from three yards of fabric. There are lots of hat patterns available through Pinterest or Etsy.

Bags and Totes

bags and totes with less than 2 yards of fabric

Ecofriendly cloth shopping bags are continuing to gain in popularity. Two yards of a medium to heavy cotton or other non-stretch material will make up to four bags. There are plenty of tutorials and bag patterns out there. I chose the one I did because it can be rolled up and secured for easy transport.

A picnic tote is another option for your material. If you love packing some sandwiches and other goodies and picnicking in the park with the kids or a friend, a heavy-duty picnic tote can help you organize for a scrumptious outing. The internet is rife with patterns and suggestions, or make up your own tote with pockets just where you want them.

Abundant ideas for purses and handbags, from full-sized totes to children’s sized bags, are easy to find for free. Or, if you have a favorite bag that’s worn out, simply take it apart and use it as a pattern. I’ve done this for different types of clothing and accessories with some success. 

And here is one more suggestion. Turn two yards of extra fabric into drawstring bags for laundry, toys, or other storage needs. I love these simple bags both at home and when traveling. Pack shoes or other items for easy access in small spaces or suitcases.

Table and Kitchen linens

  • Tabletops: Create a tablecloth for that bargain basement side table. Or accent your dining room table with a simple table runner or placemats. 
  • Napkins: If you dislike the waste of using paper napkins, then making napkins from any absorbent fabric is an excellent use of leftover material. Cloth napkins should be a minimum of 6 inches if possible. I have made them smaller when my remnant is small. Those napkins are for everyday use. Two yards of thirty-six inch wide fabric will make eight 16 inch napkins. These are the company napkins. 
  • Hand towel/Hot pads: Absorbent cloth also makes creative kitchen towels or hot pads. Be careful, since not all fabric takes heat well. Cotton is best if you’re going to put a hot casserole on it. 
  • Appliance covers: Design custom, matching covers for countertop appliances such as a toaster, blender, or mixer. 

More Possibilities

Two yards of fabric is a huge remnant with a myriad of possibilities. Use it to make a costume for a special event. Make a mini baby quilt as a gift. If your piece is fleece, furry, or matty, use it to make stuffed animals.

Pet Clothes

make pet clothes with small amounts of fabric

Speaking of animals, don’t forget your animal family members. Dress them up or make a warm winter coat to get them through winter. Or make a simple pet bed by covering an old pillow with a soft, comfy sham.

Pillow Shams

make pillow shams with only two yards of fabric

Make shams for any decorative pillow to add color to a room. Shams are a unique idea for fabric with a seasonal theme. In fact, seasonal fabric can be used for many of the above kitchen ideas.

Curtains for Small Window

Two yards is enough to make curtains for a small window. They can make a liner for a baby seat or a pullover cover for the back of a well-used chair. Two yards makes a good-sized hanging banner for a child’s room. So many possibilities. So little time.

Bias Tape

For a forward-looking sewer, lightweight cotton or any nonstretch fabric can be made into either colorful or solid-colored bias tape for some future project. Wider tape can be used to trim a baby blanket. Narrow tape can trim anything from a table runner to the edges of a bag. It’s nice to have on hand and will not be wasted in the long run.

Options Are Limitless

These suggestions are just the tip of the iceberg. Now that your imagination juices are flowing, you just might think of something I’ve not mentioned. Good going! You have two yards of fabric. You can do anything but let it go to waste.

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