Making Pajama Pants for Your Guys (And Why You Should Do It)

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Autumn is almost upon us. It’s not too early to begin to consider possible sewing options for Christmas. So just as inspiration, I will share one Christmas sewing project that brought much more enjoyment to the recipients than I expected.

My sons are all grown now, but during their high school years and for some time after, while they were still living at home, I was “Mom” to quite a number of transient young men who were friends or needy associates. 

One Christmas, as I surveyed an inordinate amount of flannel fabric given to me by my mother-in-law, I had an idea. I would make all these guys pajama pants for Christmas.

The most comfortable pajamas are made from 100% cotton, preferably soft flannel, or silk. Flannel is the most common, because it has less impact on budgets. Cotton is comfortable and breathable, two attributes that make for a better night’s sleep.

Of course, all these guys were of different heights and sizes. I decided to make all the pajama pants the same size with a drawstring at the top. 

The pajama pants were also all the same length. I didn’t want to tip my hand about my Christmas project by asking about pant sizes. I decided that if anyone wanted their pants shortened afterwards, I would do so. I made them all the maximum length.

The results of my endeavor were pleasing for all concerned. Many of my refugees over the years came from homes where little affection or caring of any kind was displayed. So receiving a homemade gift made a huge impact on their self-image.

No one asked for alterations. For those who trod on the extra-long endings, it only seemed to add to their enjoyment. They seemed to think they had combined pajama pants and house slippers. How long that lasted, I couldn’t say.

Sewing Pajama Pants Is An Easy Blessing

Pajama pants are a simple project for sewers of any skill level. Patterns are available in fabric stores or online. There are just two pattern pieces, the front and the back, with only two or three seams besides the hem and waistline string/elastic pocket. Add elastic, a drawstring, or both within the folded-over waistband. 

Online tutorials can also show more adventurous sewers how to make their own pattern. Or, if the recipient has a favorite pair of pajama pants that are beginning to self-destruct from wear, the old pair could be disassembled and used as a pattern you know will fit perfectly.

There may also be an option for pockets. Some patterns include them, and others don’t. It depends on how much the recipient loves to wear pajama pants! 

Flannel is often found at sale prices just before cool weather sets in or in spring when cold weather is ending. For future projects, buy 2-3 yards of a variety of colors. If winters are particularly brutal where you live, consider using comfy fleece instead for extra warmth. I’ve found fleece is often on sale almost year round and can be easily used for making pajamas, hats, and other winterwear.

Women and children also love warm pajama pants. Matching pairs for siblings or the whole family is an easy way to bring more smiles to your favorite faces on Christmas morning. 

Sewing Pajamas for Charity

If you like the idea of spreading a little loving care to the less fortunate, consider making pajama pants as a charitable donation. Long-term hospital patients, injured veterans, and shelters for the homeless or abused can benefit from this quick, easy project.

Check with the facility you have in mind before donating. Local pastors may also know families needing assistance who would appreciate an unusual, helpful gift.

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