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Joann Fabrics Curbside Service

There are reasons that I can’t go to Joann Fabrics and walk through the aisles of beautiful materials that I want to take home – one yard at a time. I see too many possibilities and end up at the register with hundreds of dollars worth of fabrics, notions, and hobby materials. Sometimes I just can’t control myself.

One time I spent my whole Christmas budget at Joann Fabrics in November! I actually drove to Joann Fabrics at the opposite end of town to return everything that I had bought. Talk about embarrassing! But I couldn’t afford to spend my WHOLE Christmas budget in one place.

After that unfortunate purchase, I stayed away from Joann Fabrics for months, but I really missed shopping there. Then during the pandemic, Joann Fabrics began to offer curb pick-up. I thought I’d seen the hand of God! Now I can shop on the internet and control my spending. Of course, I still had to have some discipline not to put everything in the online shopping cart, but it was much easier to shop online and get just what I needed – and yes, a few things that I really didn’t need. A cat can’t totally change all its stripes.

Have you ever shopped online at Joann Fabrics? Shopping online at Joanne’s happened years ago, but I was always deterred by the shipping prices. Now that is history because there are no fees for curbside pickup. You get the convenience of shopping online without having to wait too long to get your purchase.

What you do is see if the item that you want to order online is available for pick up, and if it is, you order it. Then you wait for an email that your order is ready, and when it is, you go to pick up your purchase. It is that simple.  If there is any waiting involved, you can relax and wait in the comfort of your car.

I am happy that I found a way to not go over budget. Shopping online and then picking up my order curbside solves a lot of problems. I know you can shop online and have it shipped to your house, but it takes days. When you use the curbside service, you can pick up your items as early as the next day.

How Long Does Joann Curbside Take?

Your order will be processed, and an email will be sent to you when it is time to go pick up your items. I’ve had it take up to two days. But recently, when I put in an order, it was available the next day.

Real Life Joann Fabrics Run to Curbside

For this article, I decided to “test” curbside pickup and put in an order for a machine quilting thread. I knew that machine quilting would be a weekend project, and I was out of thread. So, I narrowed my search to see what threads were available for pickup.

I found a reasonably priced quilting thread and then applied a 40% off coupon, and submitted my order late at night when the store was closed. Immediately I got an email confirming my order. This email asked me to wait for another email that would tell me when to come to pick up my order.

In the morning, I received an email that said my order was ready to pick up. I wasn’t ready to pick up my order that morning. In fact, the order was ready sooner than I thought. I wanted to pick up my order as soon as possible, but the only time I could find in my schedule was for the next afternoon.  So, I did nothing.

The next day when I was ready to pick up my order, I clicked on a link in the email that said, “On my way,” and I hoped for the best. Then I noticed that I had accidentally clicked that I was there to pick up my order. Panic!

As I was on my way to the store, I missed a phone call from Joann Fabrics, so when I got there, I called them back and told them what had happened. They said no problem and that they would be out to give me my order shortly.

Truth be told, I was a little worried about where to park when I got there, but I saw a curbside sign at the front of the store and parked there.  True to their promise, they were out to give me my order in under 2 minutes.

They greeted me with a smile and handed over my purchase which was in a Joann Fabrics bag stapled shut with the receipt information. (Which was also in my email).

I thought that maybe Joann Fabrics would frown on such a small order, but they did not.  I love that they have no minimum order for curbside.

That was my real-life experience with Joann Fabrics’ curbside service, and I was very pleased.

Joann Fabrics Website

I know that it is a whole lot of fun going to shop at Joann Fabrics in person. There are seas of colorful fabrics and an ocean of notions that you really need to buy. If you can hold back and just shop for what you need, then going in person to buy fabric is no problem for you.

However, if you are like me, you need someone to control your fabric appetite. I have found that shopping on the Joann Fabric website satisfies me to the point that I don’t miss shopping at the store. I mean, you can’t beat sitting in your pajamas and having a snack while you shop.

The website is very easy to use and just as satisfying. Imagine being able to sort your fabric needs and find clearance with just a few clicks. This is much better than walking the whole store looking for bargains or clearance.

You can even use your coupons, and if you don’t mind making or putting together more than one order, you can utilize even more coupons. You can’t do this at the store because one coupon per visit is the limit for most coupons.

In fact, you can sign up for an account and store your wish lists and your purchases and wait until a killer coupon comes online. You know the coupons I’m talking about – the take 25% off clearance or the 20% off of your whole order, including sales items that are usually exempt. Moreover, curbside pickup almost always has coupons specific to that service.

Another plus to shopping online is the deals that you can only get online, plus the fact that you can order items that are not in stock at your store or in stock online. This is genius! The only downfall is that you have to wait for your order.

Joann Fabrics Curbside Service

Waiting for your shipment to come can cause all kinds of panic if you are like me and wait for the last minute to work on a project.  Last year, I wanted to make a quilt for each of my children for Christmas gifts. Things were going well until I discovered I was missing some really important items.

Last year, I ran out of batting. You can buy batting at Walmart for small projects, but to get full-size or larger cuts of batting, you need to go to a fabric store.  I was in a panic until I realized that I could order the batting and pick it up.

Joann’s fabrics have a wonderful curbside service that started during the pandemic and was so popular Joann Fabrics kept this feature. In fact, Joann Fabrics improved upon this service and made it very efficient and easy to use.

Joann Pick Me Up Service

Curbside service has become very popular with grocery stores all over the country. The problem is that there is often a minimum order to use the curbside service. At Joann Fabrics, there is no minimum. In fact, the other day, I ordered one spool of thread, and I was able to pick it up the next day.

It isn’t that hard to order curbside.  First, you shop on the website and select the things you want to buy. When you select the item, choose store pick-up instead of shipping. Submit your order, and you will get an email telling you when your order is ready.

How To DoIt

The thing I like to do with curbside service is to order those little things that I end up needing, like thread or sewing machine needles.  These items are fast and easy to find on the website. The next thing I do is look for coupons to see if I can apply one to my order.

The most important thing to do at this point is to indicate that you want to use the curbside service. To do this, there is a button that you click at the checkout point to distinguish your order from an order that needs to be shipped.

At that point, you will know whether your item can be fulfilled by the store you have designated for pickup. If it isn’t available, you might try choosing another similar item.  Another good way to know if the item is available is to check on the description page if it says that it is available for pickup.

Once you see that the item is available, you can submit your order.  You can even narrow the search for items that are available for pickup in the search filters.

FAQ For Joann Fabrics Curbside Service

  • When you go to pick up your item Joann Fabrics website says to bring a valid government ID with you, but when I went, no one asked for my ID.
  •  The curbside pickup follows the same coupon policy as when you buy an item at the store or when you buy it to get shipped.
  • If you change your mind about your curbside pick up, you don’t have to do anything because after three days, your purchase will be canceled, and on the 4th day, the authorization that Joann Fabrics has put on your card will be canceled as well.
  • If you need to cancel your order sooner, that’s not a problem. All you do is call the store, and they will happily cancel your order.
  • Returning the items that you bought on curbside delivery is the same as in-store purchases. Just bring your receipt email to any store. The store clerks follow the same in-store guidelines for returns.
  • When your order curbside items, you can also select items to be shipped. You don’t need to make a separate order.
  • You can designate another person to pick up your items at the curbside. All you need to do is at the last step of the checkout, provide the first and last name of your alternative. Don’t forget to forward the “Ready for Pick-up” email to your alternate person.
  • They will also need to provide that email and a valid ID when they pick up your items curbside.
  • The mobile Joann Fabric app also has curbside pick-up as a purchase and delivery option, so you can order items on your phone.
  • You can receive a text message when your order is ready if you provide your phone number on the confirmation page.
  • You can choose curbside pickup 24/7. It does not matter if the store is closed. You will receive an email that your order went through.
  • An authorization hold will be put on your credit card when you use curbside pickup. The transaction will be complete when you pick up the item, and your card will be charged.
  • Free curbside pickup is available for over a thousand items.
  • Enjoy not waiting in long lines to purchase your items.

Overall, I would highly recommend Joann Fabrics curbside service. It is convenient and very simple to use. Using this service will save you a lot of time and money. I am planning to use curbside during October and November when I do all of my Christmas gift crafting.

Good luck and happy sewing.

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